The future of our Venerable Trees depends on you.  Whether it is participation in a Field Course, planting trees or getting the word out, you can help ensure a future for our amazing trees and woodland pastures.  Here are some ways you can participate:

  • Attend a Workshop, Field Course or Presentation.  Venerable Trees has Field Courses and other events every month. These are fun educational events for all ages.  
  • Buy the Book to learn more about venerable trees and woodland pastures.
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter to get monthly news and information about trees and woodland pastures.  No spam, and we will not share your email address with anyone.
  • Organize an event. If you want us to provide a Field Course, workshop or presentation where you live, contact us
  • Join a volunteer activity. Beginning in Spring 2016, we will be offering volunteer opportunities to help conserve the woodland pastures and ancient trees of the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin.
  • Contact Us.  Fill out the form and we will get back to you, or you can email us.

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