What We Do

Picture of American basswood, Tilia americana

National co-champion American basswood, Tilia americana, next to Henry Clay monument, Lexington Cemetery.

Consulting Services. Venerable Trees will engage with property owners in the agriculture, real estate and commercial sectors to identify existing venerable trees, develop recommendations for their conservation, and assist property owners in the development and implementation of management plans to maximize the life span of existing old trees and replacement trees.  For more information about our consulting services, please contact us.

Education and Outreach. While most people are aware that large old trees characterize the Bluegrass landscape, few are aware of the history and biology of these trees. We will use workshops, schools trips, planting events and social media to promote awareness of Venerable Trees and the importance of their conservation.

Nursery. We will work with our partners to develop a tree nursery to produce native Bluegrass trees from seed sources collected in the Inner Bluegrass. We will maintain records of the mother trees of each seed source, including photographs and location, and certify the origin of each seedling. Seedlings will be sold to land owners and donated for planting in public spaces. Venerable Trees will also work on grafting and other vegetative propagation methods to clone the most valuable trees.

Research. Venerable Trees will use grant and donor funds to study the life history of Venerable Trees, including their genetics and dendrochronology. This work will be developed through cooperative agreements with university researchers. We have recently received grant funds to begin establishing tree pens on horse farms in the Bluegrass. Our research on these pens will inform our strategy to improve reproduction of venerable tree species.  See more on our Conservation & Research page.

Publications. Our first book Venerable Trees – History, Biology and Conservation in the Bluegrass is now available.  Our other publications are listed here.