Welcome to Venerable Trees.  This site is devoted to the conservation of ancient woodlands and trees in the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin. The Stories section includes information about our work as well as news about trees and forests. The Region and Trees sections contain information about trees and woodlands in the Bluegrass and Nashville Basin ecoregions.

In March and early April, we are featuring several discussions called Reflections on the Tree of Life. The discussions will be held at several churches in Lexington and Midway and feature Silas House, Jason Howard, and Tom Kimmerer.  Learn more on the Tree of Life page.

We are currently working on our schedule for Workshops, Field Courses, and Lectures for the rest of 2019.  We provide Workshops, Field Courses, and Lectures for arboretums, botanical gardens, conservation organizations, and schools. In 2018, we provided courses in 7 states. Over 600 people have attended our Field Courses, and many more have attended our lectures. We can teach courses at your facility, or at local parks or private lands. For Field Courses, we can either charge a fee per person, or your organization can cover our costs. To schedule a phone call to discuss an event and our current rates, please fill out our Contact Form.

Topics for 2019 include the following:

  • What Do Trees Know?  - An in-depth look at modern tree biology, revealing the fascinating behaviors of trees. Lecture or Field Course
  • The Life of a Big Tree - Large trees are ecosystems in themselves. They support entire forest communities, provide nutrients to younger trees, and store huge amounts of carbon. Lecture or Field Course
  • Woodland Pastures and Woodlands - Explore the fascinating and rare ecosystem knows at the Woodland Pasture, containing some of the oldest trees in the eastern US. Lecture or Field Course.
  • An Introduction to Tree Biology - a hands-on, intensive one- or two-day course in modern tree biology. Field Course.
  • God's Trees - Trees in the Bible and In Our Lives. A discussion of trees throughout the Old and New Testaments and in our modern lives. Lecture
  • Trees Below Ground - Explore the complex interactions of roots, fungi, bacteria, invertebrates, and soils, and learn how to better manage trees in urban landscapes. Workshop or Field Course




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