Workshops, Presentations & Field Courses-  Workshops and Presentations are indoor events typically lasting 1-2 hours. Field Courses are outdoor classes lasting 3 to 6 hours that provide detailed hands-on exploration of a topic.  Registration is required for some events.  To host a workshop, presentation or field course in your area, please contact us.  More events are being added.

  • Special Event:  The Great Trees of Lexington - a bus and walking tour of Lexington's fine, old trees. Saturday October 14, 8:30am-1pm. Note date change. More Information here.
  • "What Do Trees Know?" is our popular Field Course where we explore the complicated and dynamic lives (and loves) of trees. The next course in Central Kentucky will be in November. We will post details and registration information shortly.
  • Lecture by Dr. Kimmerer, "What Do Trees Know?" October 2, 9am, Mid-Atlantic ISA Meeting, Virginia Beach. More information here.
  • Jessamine County Book Fair, November 11, 1pm, Jessamine County Public Library
  • Cincinnati Wildflower Appreciation Society dinner, with lecture by Dr. Kimmerer. Details will be posted soon.
  • Volunteer Activities.  We will be installing three more tree pens this fall. Volunteers will help us lay out the pens, install fencing, remove invasive species, and inventory existing plants within the pens. We will post dates and locations shortly. 

A group visiting one of the largest known bur oak trees. Photo by Rick Showalter

Field Course

Field Course, photo by Jeremy King